What is Digital Marketing?


So, What exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the use of the Internet, social media, search engines and other channels to reach consumers.

The Internet is a busy place with brands and businesses battling each other to be heard by their customers and potential customers. This need to be noticed and stand out has brought about Digital marketing services. Digital marketing agencies can help brands to get noticed above their competitors. By ranking higher in search engines and making use of social media and PPC (pay per click) advertising, we can drive more traffic to your website and increase the number of potential customers.

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right way and at the right time. With Internet usage on the rise and shopping habits changing from people shopping in store to buying online, digital marketing can be vital for your business.

Types of Digital Marketing Services

A digital marketing campaign can consist of a combination or all of the following tactics/channels:

  • SEO
  • PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media


SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is the process of leveraging several techniques to make your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. As a result, you should see an increase in organic traffic to your website. For a company having their website ranking on the first SERP (search engine results page) greatly improves their sales/leads.

SEO entails the following:

On Page SEO: This is focusing on the content on the website and optimising it in accordance with the relevant keywords. The backend of the website will also be analysed to see how the page is coded. Are the images compressed, are the CSS files optimised, etc. Are there any elements on the site that search engines don’t like that could be holding the site back from ranking higher.

Off Page SEO: This type of SEO focuses off the website. Backlinks, which are links from other websites to your website are increased. Backlinks are important as this tells Google that other websites “trust” the website they’re linking to and are willing to send their website visitors to the linked website. By gaining relevant and quality links, you can see positive movements on SERPs.

Pay Per Click

PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’. PPC is a way of driving traffic to your website by paying a publisher everytime your ad is clicked. Google Ads is the most popular PPC network and allows you to pay for the top spot on Google’s search results. The highest paying advertiser gets the top spot on Google Ads. there are two main types of PPC adverts, the ones that appear on web pages (text or banner ads) and the ones that appear in SERPs.

Other channels where you can use PPC include:

  • Paid ads on Facebook - advertisers can pay to have an advert appear in the newsfeed of a targeted audience. The ad can be an image, slideshow or video.
  • Twitter Ads Campaign - advertisers can pay to display an advertisement post in the news feed of a targeted audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation of content, such as text or images, with the aim to promote brand awareness, connect with the consumer and ultimately increase sales. Done correctly, content marketing should lead to traffic growth, increase in lead generation and customers. Content can be created on site, the copy on your website, or offsite on publications related to your business. 

The following channels can be part of your content marketing strategy:

  • Infographics- these can be a great way to create visual content for the readers to help educate them on a topic.
  • Blog posts - writing and publishing blog posts on a company blog helps generate traffic and demonstrate that you are an industry expert. Posting on a regular basis can help create a following of loyal visitors and give you more opportunity to convert website visitors into sales.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to connect with your audience to increase sales, build your brand and drive traffic to your website. Social media marketing can consist of paid social media marketing and organic social media marketing. Paid social media marketing involves creating targeted ads to a certain demographic that would be interested in your services or products. Organic social media marketing involves posting updates on social media and engaging with followers.

Does Digital Marketing work for all Businesses?

Digital marketing can work for any business of any size. The products sold or services offered may change the approach to take but the purpose of digital marketing is to put your website infront of potential customers. By identifying the needs of your audience and creating targeted content, the marketing campaign should generate more sales or leads for the business.

There isn’t a 1 size fits all when it comes to digital marketing, you need to analyse the business, the customers and create a bespoke plan, which should be reassessed on a regular basis.

The days of browsing shops in a shopping centre and asking sales people about products are behind us. Now, consumers search the Internet to find the information they need about a product or service before making their decision to buy. Ensuring consumers find you and your business is where digital marketing comes in.

What is the role of digital marketing to a company?

With digital marketing, you can track the efforts of a campaign a lot quicker than with traditional marketing. If you were to advertise in a local newspaper, it can be difficult to see how many people have seen your advert and how sales were generated from the advert.

With online marketing, you can track how many people viewed your advert, how many clicked the ad and how many bought your product as a result of clicking the advert.

Using analytical software, we can see how many people have visited your website, where they came from and a whole host of analytical data. Using this information, we can prioritise where our focus should be. If your organic traffic is low but has a high conversion rate, we know that we should focus on increasing your organic traffic by focusing on SEO.

With digital marketing, we can identify the trends and patterns of your consumers and adjust your website accordingly to drive them to specific pages designed to convert sales.

How long will it take to see results?

With digital marketing, it is much easier to measure ROI than with offline marketing.

If the sole focus of the digital marketing campaign is SEO, where the agency is looking to get you on to the first page of Google, the time taken to see results will depend on several factors. 

  • The domain authority of your website, the higher the domain authority, the easier it will be to rank your keywords.
  • How competitive is the market? Some keywords are easier to rank than others so you can see results in as little as a few weeks and others can take over 6 months.

If paid advertising is used as part of the digital strategy, you can see results almost immediately once the campaign is live. This is the advantage of using PPC Marketing such as Google Adwords. The recommendation is usually to focus on increasing your organic traffic as this is essentially free traffic and works out better in the long run.

Do I need a big budget for digital marketing?

This will depend on a variety of factors but the short answer is generally, the quicker you want to see results, the more you should spend.

Inbound marketing such as SEO is a longer process and the more time (money) that can be allocated to working on SEO, the quicker you will generally see results. But this doesn’t mean that you should just throw money at the marketing campaign. We are more than happy to sit down and discuss your goals along with a recommended budget but you can get started for as little as £200 per month.

With outbound marketing such as pay per click, you are competing with other adverts and generally the more you are willing to spend per click, the higher up your advert will be displayed in Google. We generally carry out keyword research to find lower priced keywords that may convert better to ensure you get the most clicks and sales possibly. This can be very affordable as you can set a monthly budget that you are comfortable with and this can be adjusted on a monthly basis based on the performance.

Is there demand for my products or service?

If other businesses are offering the same product/service as your business then the answer is Yes.

Using Google’s tools, we can see any particular keyword and how many people search for it on a monthly basis. If this is a high number, then we know that it can be financially beneficial to target this and related keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website.

I’m ready to try digital marketing, now what?

If you’ve been thinking about digital marketing and are looking to give it a go, we’d be happy to discuss this with you. Whether the aim is to rank higher on Google, advertise through PPC or increase your following on Social Media, we can help increase your sales and brand awareness.

Please get in touch to see how we can help you.

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