SEO & Website Audit

Our detailed analysis will expose why your website isn’t ranking on page one.

An SEO audit translated into a plan

Technical SEO ensures that your website is properly optimised for search engines and fixing issues that if left unchecked, could push you below your competitors in Google.

If your website hasn’t undergone a proper technical SEO audit, there are likely to be issues which will prevent your website from ranking well.

On-site SEO Fixes

While you may have updated your content or page load time, there could other technical issues that are preventing you from ranking on page 1 on Google. We’ll give your site a complete technical audit and give you a list of actionable changes.

Google Search Improvements

You’ll be surprised at just how much technical issues can impact how you rank in Google. Using a range of tools and our experience, we’ll identify any SEO issues to help you get to the top of Google.

Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re unsure how to carry out the technical suggestions, we’re more than happy to help as part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

How an SEO audit could benefit you!

Find out what’s stopping your first page ranking. Our Birmingham Technical SEO team will uncover every issue with your website and put a strategy in place to implement these changes.

Get Started Now

What’s covered in an SEO Audit?

  • Technical Analysis – The audit will allow us see how your site is structured technically, any keywords you are ranking for, page load performance and much more.
  • Content Analysis – To ensure that the content is optimised not only for visitors but also the bots that crawl your website.
  • Competitor Analysis – To identify what your competitors are up to so you can continually optimise your site and improve the performance.

If you are unsure on how to take your SEO to the next level then contact us for a free audit and for some great insights to help your business grow.

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